I love it when I see creative and new ideas in fashion and design, and these pants definitely fit into that category. These are the "Mirna" pants from Arcane Spellcaster, and they are gorgeous. The fatpack comes with a 10 color hud for the pants and two sections that allow you to choose the metal... Continue Reading →

Something out there

I've been breaking out of my routine lately and things are changing. I can feel that there is something on the horizon. I can't see it, but I know it's coming my way. All the little changes and new directions seem to combine and drive me towards something greater, but I don't know what that... Continue Reading →

A trip to the not-vet

I knew Gareth was a smartie dog, but I had no idea the level of smarts that lived inside that goofy noggin. For example, he knows what I mean when I say "car ride", and then he responds with the appropriate amount of insane. What happened next freaked me out a little. "U go to... Continue Reading →


I recently found The Four Seasons sim. This is a lovely sim with incredible stone structures, waterfalls, a windmill, and a lighthouse. It's a perfect location to show you this cool creation from Arcane Spellcaster. This sexy creation is called "Musa" and features a unique top and matching piece along the waistline, combined with a... Continue Reading →


No fan fiction today, but wanted to show off this great new hair from Doux. This is called Melanie and is available from the Tres Chic event. I am going with a light red to switch up a little. This shoulder-length style with lazy bangs is so much fun, and very much me. I'm wearing... Continue Reading →

Take it easy for a little while

"I really didn't intend on getting implants today." Doc B says that's not a problem. Nothing is ever a problem with him. He's probably the most accommodating doc I've met. So easy going that he just blends into the office-scape among the various x-ray devices and black screens, which have not yet acknowledged my presence.... Continue Reading →

Sharing a cigarette

"Are you going to share that?" I knew he had a lot on his mind, with his brother trying to shut him down. I allowed it and didn't bring it up again. You would think that two lawyers could afford their own pack of ciggies. If the stress from taking care of his brother didn't... Continue Reading →


Today I want to show you this cute and flirty dress from Arcane Spellcaster! It's got a sexy little opening across the midsection and a beaded belt that loops partially around the right side of your waist. The Antonia dress comes in 20 colors and is available at the main store. Stop in and pick... Continue Reading →

Old Time Rock and Roll

I am really loving Spotify for finding new music. While commuting to and from work, I'll just search for some new indie artists and let that playlist go for a while. Eventually, I will end up switching to some friendly familiar music of the best decade. It's like comfort food for my ears. I consider... Continue Reading →

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