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All That Jazz

This is one of those times when you "discover" a place you'd never visited before, even though you'd been in world for 14 years (happy RezDay to me!). I plan on putting on my fancy dancing threads and returning to Love & Harmony Romantic Ballroom sometime soon. It's a really lovely place! Today I'm exploring... Continue Reading →

Cool morning

I found this cute jacket during the Saturday Sale. I always loved the cute items Coco made, and when they go on sale it's even better. The jacket has a sweet shoulder bag, and magically places my hands in the pockets (hides the arms). All is toasty warm, except for my exposed tummy. I'll fix... Continue Reading →

A Rare Photo of Sexy Things

With my lack of a love life I never seem to find the opportunity to wear sexy things like this, but I stumbled upon this random bed with fun poses, so here we are. This lingerie set comes from Justice, and is super fun! The fatpack has a plethora of colors and patterns. It's a... Continue Reading →

Pier 1

After we got a bit of snow dumped on us this past weekend, I thought it would be nice to pop over to my favorite beach in SL, where the weather always cooperates. Not saying I don't love the snow, but at some point, it's just enough already. Here in SL I can walk the... Continue Reading →

Sarah is petite

Two posts in two days? What is going on? I can't promise to keep up this pace but since I am here, let me show you this cute top (points at top). This is the Sarah jeans and top, another cute bit of kit from Justice. And as always, this top comes in my favorite... Continue Reading →

Here’s Amber!

I'm jazzed as can be about stepping back into some light blogging! I just got added to the Justice blog group, and here's my cute Amber sweater and skirt combo from Justice! I am loving the texture of this cozy, super long sleeved sweater. The detail and texture is so real I can almost feel... Continue Reading →

Pantsuit reinvented

Don't roll your eyes when I say "pantsuit". Annie has done it again. No, it's not Hillary style, it's Annie style. It's elegant and sexy at the same time. The top can be tucked in or left untucked. It's got a gorgeous satin texture corset which underscores the top. The pants are smooth and sleek,... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday

Lately I have been noticing how much my dad has influenced my life. Dad always loved music, technology, and cars. I’ve begun to realize that I love these things too because of his influence.  Being throwback Thursday, I thought I’d grab a shot of my favorite retro look and one of dad's favorite cars, the... Continue Reading →

Just popping in to say ‘hi’

Not much to say here. Dropping into Second Life when the opportunity allows. Today I shot this simple photo of this sweet outfit that Addams has created for us. I am in love with this new set! It's got an incredible number of options. Colors, styles, details, just amazing. Grab the demo and give it... Continue Reading →

Too Fierce

I was delighted to hop over to Carla's skybox to see what kind of collaboration she had set up. So here we are, two fierce ladies ready to take on anything. I had so much fun hanging out with her, and remembering to add my earrings, nails, and clutch - all at the last moment.... Continue Reading →

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