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All That Jazz

This is one of those times when you “discover” a place you’d never visited before, even though you’d been in world for 14 years (happy RezDay to me!). I plan on putting on my fancy dancing threads and returning to Love & Harmony Romantic Ballroom sometime soon. It’s a really lovely place!

Today I’m exploring in my Chevron outfit, from Justice. You can see the Chevron pattern running along the front of the sweater, but you’d have to look at my butt to see pattern on the jeans, and I’m not doing butt shots today 😛

Outfit: Justice – Chevron outfit (sweater, capris)
Glasses: Deep Static – Zoey Glasses
Hair: Doux – Panayiota hairstyle
Pose: Le Poppycock – One sweet minute
Location: Love & Harmony Jazz Romantic

Justice on Marketplace
Justice Mainstore

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